Based on our vast experience in dealing with sports bettors and clients in the sports betting industry we have perfected the following features.


Score Alarms Scalable Cloud Platform is the result of a 2 year long development and perfecting process our engineers have undertaken in order to resolve key issues on projects in the sports betting industry.

  • How to connect our product with existing betting systems swiftly, securely and efficiently?
  • How to deliver the ultimate native mobile solution a „Turnkey“ model?
  • How to respond to the challenges and requirements of our customers in the shortest possible time?

Our cloud platform ensures our clients remain focused on their core business, while their service is being placed through a new sales channel in order to achieve their core goals faster, increase revenue and gain a competitive advantage. The platform, as the „Brain“ of the product will provide a seamless betting experience.

  • Connecting application and betting systems
  • Display of clients betting offer
  • Processed information (live scores, stats, videos, news etc.
  • Push notifications solution
  • Servers and their maintenance
  • A high level of security

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